New Here?

Life Church is a member congregation of the Church of God with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. Our movement was founded in 1886 and currently provides ministry in over 190 nations of the world. The pastors, leaders, staff and congregation of Life Church are committed to offering a friendly, loving Christian environment where our people can discover their calling and gifts from God, develop effective ministry skills and demonstrate their ministry in our community and anywhere the Lord may lead them. Visitors are always welcome.

What to expect?

Visitors can expect a nice greeting and a warm welcome, as well as lively and meaningful worship music, Scriptural-based preaching and teaching, and friendly fellowship following the service.

What are the Life Church people like?

Our congregate is composed of military reserve personnel, combat veterans, teachers, factory workers, clerks, nurses and doctors, seminary trained theologians, custodians, business professionals, retirees, homeschoolers, secretaries, housewives, people of all ages, engineers, at least one professional gospel singer, and some unemployed men and women. We are multi-cultural, representing at least ten nations, and new people frequently drop in.

What about my kids?

The Life Church Children’s Pastor and Volunteer Staff offer Sunday morning and Wednesday classes and Sunday morning Children’s Church (concurrent with the adult worship service). Children are respected and respectful, safe, and encouraged.

How is the church nursery ministry?

Infants and toddlers are always our guests of honor. The Life Church staff coordinates two nurseries (one for nursing babies and mothers and one for babies/toddlers). The nurseries are clean and the baby/toddler nursery is staffed. Volunteer nursery workers are strictly vetted and must pass a strict background check and be deemed by the pastoral staff as highly competent and dedicated. The nursery is under video surveillance at all times. Ushers serve as additional security during our services.

What about worship?

The men, women and children who worship at Life Church expect a transformational and transcendent experience where God is honored in all portions of the service. Life Church is charismatic and classically Pentecostal in theology and ministry. Some clap hands and rejoice aloud while others prefer to worship more quietly in the tradition of Christian meditation. We invite and expect the Holy Spirit to minister freely in our midst. We offer prayer for those who are sick or otherwise in need of prayer. The preaching style is energetic, but properly composed.

What about tithes and offering?

The Life Church congregation encourages Biblical tithing and giving. We understand that the Lord instructed us in his Word to donate liberally to the ministry and to widows orphans and others in need. The collection of tithes and offerings on Sunday morning is a brief, but very important part of our worship service. Some Life Church donors contribute online or on our church APP. We want the giving experience to be a joyful and meaningful activity for the giver.

Why do we give?

The most important reason we give is to be obedient to what the Lord tells us in the Bible. In addition to that, our tithes and offerings fund the many ministries of our church. We also contribute to community ministries and a number of Foreign missions projects and we help support missionaries on the field. A portion of our tithes and offerings go to the mission field, ministerial training, homes for children in the U.S. and abroad, ministry to the military (chaplaincy), drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministries, homes for unwed mothers, seminaries, universities, colleges, homes for retired ministers and spouses, and a variety of other deserving ministries.

I need prayer.

Life Church is a “House of Prayer”. Everything we do is supported by prayer. We have a “prayer chain” that can be activated by a simple phone call. Pastoral staff can be contacted at any time for urgent prayer needs. When worshipers need prayer during the service, we call on the pastors and elders for special prayer, following the instructions given in James 5:14-16. Many of our members practice fasting. At the present time, we have called the entire church to prayer and fasting for a season.

I want to get connected.

Life Church attenders will find a variety of small group or special ministry which will facilitate Christian social fellowship.

What should I wear?

Please dress comfortably. For some, that means very casual clothes. Others wear “church clothes”. We come together to worship, and so we do not emphasize physical appearance.